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  ... a million Clutes screaming 'Haecceity!'...  with Paul Kincaid  & Edward James  & Adam Roberts  & Tony Keen  & Graham Sleight  & Martin McGrath  & Andrew M. Butler  & Colin Harris  & Jonathan McCalmont  & Ian Snell  & Martin Lewis  & Liz Batty  & Farah Mendlesohn 
     Vector, Jan 2007
  Basic Bootstrap Branding: Using the web to raise your professional profile 
     Focus, Aut 2007
  The Best Books of 2006 
     Vector, Mar 2007
  The Best Books of 2007 
     Vector, Spr 2008
  Beyond Lies the Blog 
     Focus, Sum 2008
  A Report on the First SFF Masterclass in Science Fiction Criticism 
     Vector, Jul 2007
  The Year in Short Fiction 
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Book Reviews

  Black Man  - Richard Morgan
     Vector, Nov 2007
  Dagger Key and Other Stories  - Lucius Shepard
     Vector, Spr 2008
  Glorifying Terrorism (Edited)  - Farah Mendlesohn
     Vector, Mar 2007
  Horizons  - Mary Rosenblum
     Vector, Sep 2006
  Icarus  - Roger Levy
     Vector, Nov 2006
  The Jennifer Plague  - Charles Stross
     Vector, Nov 2006
  Love & Sex With Robots  - David Levy
     Vector, Aut 2008
  Mathematicians in Love  - Rudy Rucker
     Vector, Jul 2007
  Singularity's Ring  - Paul Melko
     Vector, Spr 2009
  Swiftly  - Adam Roberts
     Vector, Sum 2008
  Walls of the Universe  - Paul Melko
     Vector, Spr 2009

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