Charles Stross


  In Search of a Fergussen Event 
     Focus, Aug 1985


  1990: The Five Best Books 
     Vector, Jun 1991
  Expressing Myself 
     Focus, Feb 1985
  Myths, Computers and Cyberpunk 
     Vector, Dec 1990


    - Greg BearLewis Shiner
     Vector, Dec 1989


     Vector, Feb 1990
     Focus, Aug 1985
     Matrix, Dec 1984
     Matrix, Dec 1984

Book Reviews

  Battle Circle  - Piers Anthony
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1990
  Berserker Man  - Fred Saberhagen
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1989
  The Brains of Rats  - Michael Blumlein
     Vector, Feb 1992
  Dreams of Flesh and Sand  - W. T. Quick
     Paperback Inferno, Aug 1989
  The Empress of Earth  - Melissa Scott
     Paperback Inferno, Apr 1990
  The Fall of Hyperion  - Dan Simmons
     Vector, Aug 1991
  Free Zone  - Charles Platt
     Paperback Inferno, Jun 1989
  Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition  - Ed Regis
     Vector, Dec 1991
  The Grey Horse  - R. A. MacAvoy
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1988
  Griffin's Egg  - Michael Swanwick
     Vector, Jun 1991
  Hearts, Hands and Voices  - Ian McDonald
     Vector, Jun 1992
  Hunter/Victim  - Robert Sheckley
     Paperback Inferno, Apr 1989
  Hyperion  - Dan Simmons
     Vector, Aug 1991
  The Misplaced Legion  - Harry Turtledove
     Paperback Inferno, Aug 1988
  Moon of Ice  - Brad Linaweaver
     Paperback Inferno, Aug 1989
  Morlock Night  - K. W. Jeter
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1989
  Of Men and Monsters  - William Tenn
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1990
  The Rapture Effect  - Jeffrey Carver
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1988
  Red Mars  - Kim Stanley Robinson
     Vector, Dec 1992
  The Sirens of Titan  - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1990
  Star of Gypsies  - Robert Silverberg
     Paperback Inferno, Apr 1989
  Voice of the Whirlwind  - Walter Jon Williams
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1989

Books Reviewed

     Vector, Nov 2005 by Paul Kincaid
  The Atrocity Archives 
     Vector, Nov 2004 by Niall Harrison
  The Clan Corporate 
     Vector, May 2006 by Steve Jeffery
  The Family Trade 
     Vector, Mar 2005 by Steve Jeffery
  The Fuller Memorandum 
     Vector, Win 2011 by Martin Potts
     Vector, Jul 2007 by Chris Hill
  Halting State 
     Vector, Aut 2008 by Michael Abbott
  The Hidden Family 
     Vector, Jul 2005 by Steve Jeffery
  Iron Sunrise 
     Vector, Jul 2005 by Stuart Carter
  The Jennifer Plague 
     Vector, Nov 2006 by Paul Raven
  Saturn's Children 
     Vector, Aut 2008 by Ben Jeapes
  Singularity Sky 
     Vector, Jul 2004 by Peter Young
     Vector, Win 2009 by Martin Lewis

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