Vector, December 1975

Editor(s): Chris Fowler 
Pages: 44, A5
Price: ?p
Notes: #71

  Lead-In - Chris Fowler 

  The Stone Ax and the Musk Oxen - Ursula K. Le Guin 
  Towards An Alien Linguistics - Ian Watson 

   - Paul Dillon 
   - Paul Ryan 

  V70/Hamnett/Porter - Andy Sawyer 
  V70/Cooper - Ken Bulmer 
   - Helen Brown 
   - David Langford 
  Cooper - Pete Presford 
  V70/Hamnett - Chris Morgan 
   - Andrew Tidmarsh 

Film Reviews
  The Celluloid Dream (Ultimate Warrior) - Chris Fowler 
  The Celluloid Dream (Planet of the Apes;Bug;Stereo) - Andrew Tidmarsh 

Book Reviews by Andrew Tidmarsh
  Galaxies - Barry N. Malzberg 

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
  Stationary Orbit - Peter Macey 
  Deep Space - Eric Frank Russell 
  Like Nothing On Earth - Eric Frank Russell 
  The Time Bender - Keith Laumer 

Book Reviews by Brian Griffin
  When Elephants Last in the Dooryard Bloomed - Ray Bradbury 

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