Vector, Summer 1975

Editor(s): Chris Fowler 
Pages: 52, A5
Price: 50p
Notes: #69

  Lead-In - Chris Fowler 

  The Science in Science Fiction - James Blish 
  Early One Oxford Morning - Brian W. Aldiss 
  The Value of Bad SF - Bob Shaw 
  Science or Fiction - Tony Sudbery 

  Edwards/Blish/Tubb - John Clute 

Film Reviews
  Zardoz;Westworld - Chris Fowler 

Book Reviews by Barry Gillam
  Universe 3 (Edited) - Terry Carr 

Book Reviews by Mark Adlard
  Frankenstein Unbound - Brian W. Aldiss 

Book Reviews by Brian W. Aldiss
  Malevil - Robert Merle 

Book Reviews by John Brunner
  Ten Thousand Light Years From Home - James Tiptree, Jr 

Book Reviews by David Pringle
  Crash - J. G. Ballard 
  Vermilion Sands - J. G. Ballard 

Book Reviews by Rob Holdstock
  Yesterday's Children - David Gerrold 

Book Reviews by Cy Chauvin
  Orbit 11 (Edited) - Damon Knight 

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
  New Writings in SF 23 (Edited) - Kenneth Bulmer 
  The Guns of Avalon - Roger Zelazny 
  Traitor to the Living - Philip Jose Farmer 

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