Vector, October 1981

Editor(s): Kevin Smith  Joseph Nicholas  Paul Kincaid 
Pages: 48, A5
Price: 75p
Notes: #104

  Critical Stances - Kevin Smith 

  Science and Fantasy in Science Fiction - Kathy McCutcheon 
  Reassessment: Bright Walls of the Universe (Asimov's "Nightfall") - Mary Gentle 
  Reassessment: "Galactic Cluster" - David Penn 
  Reassessment: "The Pastel City" - John Hobson 
  The People for SF - Colin Greenland 

   - David Penn 
   - Andrew Sutherland 
   - Paul Dembina 
   - Mary Gentle 
   - Jon Wallace 
   - R. G. A. Wilkinson 
   - Marcus L. Rowland 
   - Paul Kincaid 
   - Alexander Doniphan Wallace 
   - James Parker 
   - Nick Shears 
   - William Bains 

   - Pete Lyon 
   - John Dell 

Comic Strip
  MacHinery - Bob Shaw  Jim Barker 

Book Reviews by Chris Bailey
  War Games - Brian Stableford 
  The Very Slow Time Machine - Ian Watson 

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
  The Affirmation - Christopher Priest 
  Hello America - J. G. Ballard 

Book Reviews by Ann Collier
  The Keeper of the Isis Light - Monica Hughes 
  The Guardian of Isis - Monica Hughes 
  The Crystal World - J. G. Ballard 

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
  The Divine Invasion - Philip K. Dick 

Book Reviews by Mary Gentle
  The Science Fiction of Mark Clifton (Edited) - Barry N. Malzberg  Martin H. Greenberg 
  The Merman's Children - Poul Anderson 

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