Vector, November/December 1997

Editor(s): Tony Cullen  Andrew M. Butler  Gary S. Dalkin  Paul Kincaid 
Pages: 36, A4
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Notes: #196, Roles: Production & General, Features & Letters, Features & Letters, Reviews

   - Gary S. Dalkin 

  Invisible People - Brian Stableford 
  Still Searching for Rosebud: Towards a Critique of Tim Burton - Daniel O'Mahony 
  Mary Shelley and the Plague: Social Order And The Nature Of Evil In Frankenstein And The Last Man - R. J. Frost 
  'In My Beginning is My End': Mary Shelley's Family Values - Thom Benjamin 
  Computers are Autistic - Stephen Palmer 
  Cognitive Mapping, 11: Modernism - Paul Kincaid 

   - Gary Wilkinson 
  Response to Gary Wilkinson - Gary S. Dalkin 
   - Matt Freestone 
  Response to Matt Freestone - Gary S. Dalkin 
  Response to Matt Freestone - Paul Kincaid 
   - Peter Lancaster 
  Response to Peter Lancaster - Andrew M. Butler 

Book Reviews by Chris Amies
  Legends from the End of Time - Michael Moorcock 
  Ringing the Changes - Robert Silverberg 

Book Reviews by Graham Andrews
  Atlantis Found - R. Garcia y Robertson 

Book Reviews by Susan Badham
  Dragons on the Sea of Night - Eric Van Lustbader 
  The Runes of Sorcery - Jane Welch 

Book Reviews by K. V. Bailey
  The Anubis Gates - Tim Powers 

Book Reviews by Cherith Baldry
  Lady in Gil - Rebecca Bradley 
  Scion's Lady - Rebecca Bradley 

Book Reviews by Elizabeth Billinger
  The Mistress of the Spices - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni 

Book Reviews by Colin Bird
  Expendable - James Alan Gardner 
  An Exchange of Hostages - Susan R. Matthews 
  Speaking Dreams - Severna Park 

Book Reviews by Lynne Bispham
  Harp of Winds - Maggie Furey 
  Dhiammara - Maggie Furey 

Book Reviews by Andrew M. Butler
  Alpha Centauri - William Barton  Michael Capobianco 

Book Reviews by Gary S. Dalkin
  Titan - Stephen Baxter 
  The Neutronium Alchemist - Peter F. Hamilton 

Book Reviews by Stephen Deas
  The Novel of Queen: The Eye - Paul Darrow 
  The Art of Queen: The Eye - Queen 

Book Reviews by Alan Fraser
  Grail - Stephen Lawhead 

Book Reviews by Chris Hill
  3001: The Final Odyssey - Arthur C. Clarke 

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
  Glass - Stephen Palmer 

Book Reviews by Steve Jeffery
  Aliens: Genocide - John Arcudi  Mike Richardson 
  The Sandman: The Wake - Neil Gaiman 
  Aliens: Labyrinth - Jim Woodring  Kilian Plunkett 

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
  Science Fiction and Fantasy Reference Index 1992-1995 - Hal W. Hall 
  The Sparrow - Mary Doria Russell 

Book Reviews by Andy Mills
  When the Gods Are Silent - Jane Lindskold 
  Donnerjack - Roger Zelazny  Jane Lindskold 

Book Reviews by John Newsinger
  Millennium (Edited) - Douglas E. Winter 

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
  Earthquake Weather - Tim Powers 

Book Reviews by Daniel O'Mahony
  The Lost World - Michael Crichton 
  Batman & Robin - Michael Jan Friedman 
  Space Truckers - Jim Mortimore 

Book Reviews by John R. Oram
  Landslayer's Law - Tom Deitz 
  Legacy of the Ancients - Ron Sarti 

Book Reviews by Steve Palmer
  The Lords of Hate - John Light 

Book Reviews by Stephen Payne
  Forms of Heaven - Clive Barker 

Book Reviews by Mark Plummer
  Star Wars: Tyrants Test - Michael P. Kube-McDowell 
  Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire - Steve Perry 

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
  Einstein's Bridge - John Cramer 
  Secret Passages - Paul Preuss 

Book Reviews by Sue Thomas
  The Moons of Lannamur - Douglas Hill 
  The Electric Kid - Garry Kilworth 
  Hell on Earth - Anthony Masters 
  White Out - Anthony Masters 

Book Reviews by Jon Wallace
  Magic - Isaac Asimov 

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