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  Padraig O Mealoid
  Flann O'Brien                             Gerry O'Brien
  Robert C. O'Brien                         Alex O'Connor
  Kevin O'Donnell, Jr                       Lawrence O'Donnell
  Maureen O'Donnell                         R. C. O'Gonnam
  S. V. O'Jay                               Stephen O'Kane
  Alan O'Keefe                              Patrick O'Leary
  Daniel O'Mahony                           Kevin O'Malley
  Steve O'Neale                             Dennis O'Neil
  Denny O'Neil                              Gerard K. O'Neill
  Joseph O'Neill                            Ulrike O'Reilly
  Darren O'Shaughnessy                      Pat O'Shea
  Steve Oakey                               Graham Oakley
  Krystyna Oborn                            John October
  Adrienne J. Odasso                        Colin Odell
  Mel Odom                                  Kenzaburo Oe
  Andrew J. Offutt                          Chris Ogden
  Christopher Ogden                         Mark Ogier
  Ben Okri                                  Denise Okuda
  Michael Okuda                             Joseph D. Olander
  Marc Olden                                Ian Oldfield
  Mrs A. Oldham                             Paul Oldroyd
  Fred Oliphant                             Rosie Oliver
  John Ollis                                Lance Olsen
  Paul F. Olson                             Jerry Oltion
  Vincent Omniaveritas                      John Oram
  John D. Oram                              John R. Oram
  Neil Oram                                 Douglas Orgill
  Kate Orman                                Dean Ormston
  William Osborne                           Keith Otter
  Susan Oudot                               Pierre Ouellette
  Chris Ould                                Simon Ounsley
  John Owen                                 John D. Owen
  Ray Owen                                  Everett Owens
  Gareth Owens                              P. L. Owings
  Helen Oyeyemi                           

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