Winter 1961

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Editor(s):  Jim Groves
Price:      ?p
Pages:      30, quarto
Cover:      Atom
Notes:      #14

                                        Jim Groves

    Secretary's Report                  Joe Patrizio

    The Planet Maker - Hal Clement      Bob Parkinson
    That Certain Feeling                Kingsley Amis
    Sound the Anti-Tocsin (reprint from 
          INSIDE SCIENCE FICTION)       Walt Willis

                                        Ken McIntyre

Book Reviews by John T. Phillifent
    Atlas Shrugged                      Ayn Rand
    Heart of the Serpent (Russian SF)   uncredited

Book Reviews by Harry Harrison
    Penguin Science Fiction (Ed)        Brian W. Aldiss
    Giant Stumbles                      John Lymington

Book Reviews by Brian W. Aldiss
    Green Suns                          Henry Ward

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