Steve Sneyd


  Barding the Future: Poets as Protagonists in Science Fiction 
     Vector, May 2000
  Hearing from the Ion Engineers: A Quarter Century of SF Poetry 
     Vector, Aug 1994
  Lining the Mind's Inside: The New Worlds poetry revolution 
     Vector, Sep 2004
  Obituary: Keith Allen Daniels 
     Matrix, Mar 2002
     Matrix, Mar 2002
     Focus, Jul 1991


     Focus, Nov 1998
     Matrix, May 2002
     Matrix, May 2002


  "Intellect Without Opposition Stagnates" 
     Focus, May 2004
  After Long Years Alone Awake 
     Focus, Sep 1996
  Also, Greatness As Its Own Memorial 
     Focus, Spr 2010
  At Xanadu Redomed 
     Focus, Spr 2010
  Beginning the gift with the word 
     Focus, Nov 2005
  Billions to get one there 
     Focus, Nov 2000
  Close Lure Round Vega 
     Focus, Mar 1997
  Coming Ready or Not 
     Focus, Spr 2010
  For those we owe everything, nothing is too much 
     Focus, Nov 2004
  Heroes of the Nation 
     Focus, Mar 1997
  Holiday for a lifetime 
     Focus, May 1998
  If the doors of perception were cleansed 
     Focus, Nov 2001
  In reply to your lack of faith 
     Focus, Nov 2003
  Included Out 
     Focus, Nov 2003
  A Lesson Too Late 
     Focus, Mar 1997
  Miracle, Eldar's World 
     Focus, May 2004
  A purpose come to being 
     Focus, Nov 2005
  someday they'll realise how lucky they are to have me 
     Focus, Spr 2007
  when we are reminded to remember 
     Focus, Spr 2007

Books Reviewed

  Entropies and Alignments 
     Vector, May 1999 by Paul Kincaid
  Flights from the Iron Moon: Genre Poetry in the UK Fanzines and Little Magazines 
     Focus, Sep 1996 by Andrew Darlington
  Gnawing Medusa's Flesh: The Science Fiction Poetry of Robert Calvert  with David Jones 
     Vector, Jul 2000 by Mark Plummer
  In Coils of Earthen Hold 
     Vector, Nov 1994 by K. V. Bailey
  Kin to the Far Beyond 
     Vector, May 1999 by Paul Kincaid
  Laying Siege to Tomorrow 
     Vector, Jul 1998 by K. V. Bailey
  Mistaking the Nature of the Posthuman 
     Vector, Aut 2010 by Maureen Kincaid Speller

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