The View from the Back Garden - Andrew M. Butler 

  King Arthur, Puppies and Pine Martens - Cherith Baldry  by Tanya Brown

  'Niggers, all of them...': Revisiting the Racial Ideology of Robert E. Howard - Scott T. Merrifield 
  Elegy: The Collected Stories by Arthur C. Clarke - Paul Kincaid 
  Death and The Mummy - Andrew M. Butler 
  Bookspotting - Annabel and Bryony - a sequel, half a century on - David V. Barrett 
  Cognitive Mapping, 21: God - Paul Kincaid 

  Siegel/Hemingway - Mike Cross 
  Cerulean - Blair H. Allen 

Book Reviews by Cherith Baldry
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  Jack Vance: Critical Appreciations and a Bibliography (Edited) - A. E. Cunningham 

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  Kubrick's 2001: A Triple Allegory - Leonard F. Wheater 

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  The Precipice: The Asteroid Wars: 1 - Ben Bova 

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  The Skies of Pern - Anne McCaffrey 
  The Curer: The Whiteblade Saga, Book Three - Adam Nichols 

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  The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: The 50th Anniversary Anthology (Edited) - Edward L. Ferman  Gordon Van Gelder 
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