Vector, November/December 1978

Editor(s): David Wingrove 
Pages: 60, A4
Price: 75p
Notes: #90

  The Android's Dreams - David Wingrove 

  The Best of Hamilton and Brackett - Brian Stableford 
  Dispossession (Le Guin) - Steev Higgins 

Comic Strip
  Half-Life - Jim Barker  Chris Evans 

   - Richard Bancroft 
   - Peter Jones 

   - Frederik Pohl  by David Wingrove

   - Philip Muldowney 
   - Phil Rosenblum 
   - Maxim Jakubowski 
   - Michael G. Coney 
   - Greg Hills 
   - Michael Moorcock 
   - Paul Kincaid 
   - Ian Watson 
   - Margaret S. Chalmers 
   - Andy Sawyer 
   - Nicholas Browne 

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
  Up the Walls of the World - James Tiptree, Jr 
  Survivor - Octavia E. Butler 
  Rogue Moon - Algis Budrys 

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
  Dreamsnake - Vonda N. McIntyre 
  In the Hall of the Mountain Kings - John Varley 

Book Reviews by David Wingrove
  The Night of Kadar - Garry Kilworth 
  Orsini Godbase - James Corley 
  The Miracle Visitors - Ian Watson 

Book Reviews by James Corley
  The Deadly Messiah - David Campbell Hill  Albert Fay Hill 

Book Reviews by Garry Kilworth
  Necromancer - Robert Holdstock 

Book Reviews by Bob Shaw
  The View from Serendip - Arthur C. Clarke 

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