Vector, October 1980

Editor(s): Kevin Smith  Joseph Nicholas 
Pages: 40, A5
Price: 75p
Notes: #99, Roles: Editor, Reviews

  Towards a Critical Standard - Kevin Smith 

  Guns of the Timberland - Joseph Nicholas 
  Book Reviewing, the Objective Critique - James Corley 
  Wu Li = Nonsense? - David Langford 
  That's Entertainment? - Andy Sawyer 

   - D. West 

   - Robert Gibson 
   - Martin Perry 
   - Pete Lyon 
   - Phyllis Eisenstein 
   - Jonathan J. R. Palfrey 

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
  The Shape of Futures Past - Chris Morgan 
  England Invaded - Michael Moorcock 
  The Road to Science Fiction: Volume 1, From Gilgamesh to Wells (Edited) - James Gunn 
  The Road to Science Fiction: Volume 2, From Wells to Heinlein (Edited) - James Gunn 
  The Road to Science Fiction: Volume 3, From Heinlein to Here (Edited) - James Gunn 
  Lord Valentine's Castle - Robert Silverberg 

Book Reviews by Steev Higgins
  Moreau's Other Island - Brian W. Aldiss 

Book Reviews by Janice Maule
  The Incredible Umbrella - Marvin Kaye 
  The Eye of the Heron and Other Stories (Edited) - Virginia Kidd 
  Cautionary Tales - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
  The Gardens of Delight - Ian Watson 
  Molly Zero - Keith Roberts 

Book Reviews by Bill Carlin
  Wild Seed - Octavia E. Butler 
  Beyond the Blue Event Horizon - Frederik Pohl 
  The Magic Labyrinth - Philip Jose Farmer 

Book Reviews by Brian Smith
  Hunter of Worlds - C. J. Cherryh 

Book Reviews by Ian Williams
  Two to Conquer - Marion Zimmer Bradley 

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
  Tin Woodman - David F. Bischoff  Dennis R. Bailey 

Book Reviews by Kevin Smith
  Ringworld Engineers - Larry Niven 

Book Reviews by Alan Dorey
  The Dark - James Herbert 
  Voyage of the Eighth Mind - John Lymington 
  Intrusions - Robert Aickman 
  New Terrors 1 (Edited) - Ramsey Campbell 
  To Wake the Dead - Ramsey Campbell 

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