Ramsey Campbell


     Vector, Aug 1989 by Andy Sawyer

Books Reviewed

  Alone with the Horrors 
     Vector, Nov 1994 by Colin Bird
     Vector, Sep 2004 by Mark Greener
  Ancient Images 
     Vector, Jun 1989 by Alex Stewart
     Paperback Inferno, Jun 1990 by Andy Sawyer
  Best New Horror (Edited)  with Stephen Jones 
     Vector, Jun 1991 by Maureen Speller
     Paperback Inferno, Dec 1990 by Jon Wallace
  Best New Horror 2 (Edited)  with Stephen Jones 
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1991 by Jon Wallace
  Cold Print 
     Paperback Inferno, Aug 1987 by Andy Sawyer
  Dark Feasts 
     Paperback Inferno, Dec 1987 by Andy Sawyer
  The Darkest Part of the Woods 
     Vector, Jan 2003 by Gary Wilkinson
     Vector, May 2004 by Mark Greener
  The Doll Who Ate His Mother 
     Vector, Apr 1988 by Nik Morton
  The Face That Must Die 
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1990 by Andy Sawyer
  Ghosts and Grisly Things 
     Vector, Sep 2002 by Iain Emsley
  The House on Nazareth Hill 
     Vector, May 1997 by Andy Mills
     Paperback Inferno, Oct 1985 by Andy Sawyer
  The Influence 
     Paperback Inferno, Jun 1989 by Colin Bird
     Vector, Apr 1988 by Jim England
  Midnight Sun 
     Vector, Apr 1991 by Alex Stewart
  The Nameless 
     Paperback Inferno, Feb 1986 by Andy Sawyer
  Needing Ghosts 
     Vector, Apr 1991 by Alex Stewart
  New Terrors 1 (Edited) 
     Vector, Oct 1980 by Alan Dorey
     Paperback Inferno, Dec 1986 by Colin Bird
  The Overnight 
     Vector, Nov 2004 by Simon Morden
  Pact of the Fathers 
     Vector, Sep 2002 by Iain Emsley
  Scared Stiff: Tales of Sex and Death 
     Paperback Inferno, Jun 1991 by Colin Bird
  Secret Stories 
     Vector, Jan 2006 by Dave M. Roberts
  To Wake the Dead 
     Vector, Oct 1980 by Alan Dorey
  Uncanny Banquet (Edited) 
     Vector, Feb 1994 by Chris Amies
  Waking Nightmares 
     Vector, Dec 1993 by Andrew Seaman

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