May, 2009

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Mon May 4: Pioneer Fantasy: Patricia Wrede's Thirteenth Child [Post] [Patricia Wrede] [Thirteenth Child]
Tue May 5: The upspoken and the unspeakable: Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go [Post] [Kazuo Ishiguro] [Never Let Me Go]
Wed May 6: A different kind of alternative: John Brunner's The Infinitive of Go [Post] [John Brunner] [The Infinitive of Go]
Thu May 7: Missing the Late Roman Empire? Gillian Bradshaw's The Beacon at Alexandria [Post] [Gillian Bradshaw] [The Beacon at Alexandria]
Fri May 8: Alien immersion course: M.A. Foster's The Gameplayers of Zan [Post] [M.A. Foster] [The Gameplayers of Zan]
Mon May 11: A new Atevi book: C.J. Cherryh's Conspirator [Post] [C.J. Cherryh] [Conspirator]
Mon May 11: Is Alternate History SF? [Post]
Thu May 14: Daily life and no Europeans: Kim Stanley Robinson's The Years of Rice and Salt [Post] [Kim Stanley Robinson] [The Years of Rice and Salt]
Fri May 15: Disturbingly brilliant: Susan Palwick's The Fate of Mice [Post] [Susan Palwick] [The Fate of Mice]
Fri May 15: Where do you find out about new books? [Post]
Sat May 16: Magic, family, uncertainty: Lisa Goldstein's Tourists [Post] [Lisa Goldstein] [Tourists]
Mon May 18: Devil's Advocate: Anthony Burgess's Earthly Powers [Post] [Anthony Burgess] [Earthly Powers]
Tue May 19: Brothers and destroyers: Sarah Monette's Melusine [Post] [Sarah Monette] [Melusine]
Thu May 21: “Ain't we both monsters?”: Sarah Monette's The Virtu [Post] [Sarah Monette] [The Virtu]
Fri May 22: I'm sure we can find a map: Sarah Monette's The Mirador [Post] [Sarah Monette] [The Mirador]
Mon May 25: Labyrinths inside your head: Sarah Monette's Corambis [Post] [Sarah Monette] [Corambis]
Tue May 26: Aliens, spaceships, and fun: Walter Jon Williams's Dread Empire's Fall [Post] [Walter Jon Williams] [Dread Empire's Fall]
Tue May 26: Is the right book winning the Hugo? [Post]
Wed May 27: Better to travel hopefully: Dan Simmons's Hyperion [Post] [Dan Simmons] [Hyperion]
Fri May 29: Reading between the mythlines: Ian McDonald's King of Morning, Queen of Day [Post] [Ian McDonald] [King of Morning, Queen of Day]
Sun May 31: Scintillations of a sensory syrynx: Samuel Delany's Nova [Post] [Samuel R. Delany] [Nova]

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