Focus, Autumn 1983

Editor(s): Chris Bailey  Dave Swinden  Allan Sutherland 
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Notes: #8

   - Chris Bailey  Dave Swinden  Allan Sutherland 

  Steve London's Greatest Hits - Peter Tasker 

  Sense and Sensibility: strategic uses of sensory description - Anne Warren 
  Researching "The Great Steamboat Race" - John Brunner 
  The Journey to Chekhov - Ian Watson 
  Putting the Feathers on the Indians - Steve Gallagher 
  What Every Good Writer Should Know - Dorothy Davies 
  The Rocking of the Boat - Phillip Mann 
  Keeping a Tight Ship - John Bush 
  Keeping a Tight Ship - Maxim Jakubowski 
  Totleigh Barton SF Writing Course 1983 - David Piper 
  Market Space - Dorothy Davies 

   - Malcolm Edwards 
   - Paul Baxter 
   - David Pringle 
   - Hana Khalef 
   - William Bains 
   - Paul Brazier 

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