Paperback Inferno, April 1983

Editor(s): Joseph Nicholas 
Pages: 14, A4
Price: 15p
Notes: Volume 6, No 5, 37th issue

  Blood on the Racks - Joseph Nicholas 

   - Ethel Lindsay 
   - Ken Lake 
   - Paul Brazier 
   - David Lewis 
   - Ian McKeer 
   - Sue Thomason 

Book Reviews by Chris Bailey
  God of Tarot - Piers Anthony 
  Vision of Tarot - Piers Anthony 
  Faith of Tarot - Piers Anthony 
  Best of Beaumont - Charles Beaumont 

Book Reviews by Mary Gentle
  Galactic Effectuator - Jack Vance 

Book Reviews by Roelof Goudriaan
  Worlds - Joe Haldeman 

Book Reviews by Judith Hanna
  The Elfstones of Shannara - Terry Brooks 
  Lady of Light - Diana L. Paxson 

Book Reviews by Eve Harvey
  The Crystal Singer - Anne McCaffrey 

Book Reviews by Andy Hobbs
  Cautionary Tales - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 
  Time of the Fourth Horseman - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
  Retief and the Warlords - Keith Laumer 

Book Reviews by Ray Owen
  Two to Conquer - Marion Zimmer Bradley 
  Dreamrider - Sandra Miesel 

Book Reviews by Kevin K. Rattan
  The Grey Mane of Mourning - Joy Chant 
  Where the Time Winds Blow - Robert Holdstock 

Book Reviews by Brian Smith
  Into the Slave Nebula - John Brunner 

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
  The Cyborg and the Sorceress - Lawrence Watt-Evans 

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