Matrix: The B.S.F.A. Newsletter

Matrix is a bi-monthly publication of the BSFA, and contains news, views, reviews and a forum for members of the BSFA to discuss any topics related to SF. For more information, visit the magazine's web site at

The first six issues were published under the title "B.S.F.A. Newsletter", of which they were the second incarnation.

An earlier series of the "B.S.F.A. Newsletter" consisted of 15 issues published from May 1960 to April 1963.

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1982: [February] [April] [June] [August] [October] [December]
1981: [February] [April] [June] [August] [October] [December]
1980: [February] [April] [June] [August] [October] [December]
1979: [February] [April] [June] [August] [October] [December]
1978: [February] [April] [June] [August] [October] [December]
1977: [February] [April] [June] [August] [October] [December]
1976: [August] [October] [December]

The B.S.F.A. Newsletter

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The B.S.F.A. Newsletter

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